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Additional Treatments:

Microcurrent Face Firming Treatment - $100

This treatment will help to slow the aging process as it stimulates collagen and circulation. It will offer visible lifting as well as toning the facial contour.

Ultrasound Collagen Boosting Treatment - $100

This treatment bypasses the skin's surface by deep cleaning as well as increasing oxygen and circulation for an immediate result. It will also aid in product penetration.

Tea Lights and Towel

LED Restorative Face Treatment - $75 - $100

A non-evasive, anti-aging skin treatment with no down time. Using a multi-colored LED hand piece, you will experience a relaxing treatment offering:

  • Collagen Building
  • Decreased Melanin Production
  • Reduced Redness
  • Purifying & Anti-Bacterial
  • Repair & Renewal of Skin Cell Properties

Microdermabrasion - $250

A mechanical cleansing and exfoliation by gently scrubbing away dead skin cells which will allow your skin care products to be more effective. This is a lunch time procedure.

Epidermal Leveling (Dermalplane) - $120

A manual exfoliation which removes vellus hair and dead skin. This treatment is a SILK MD "patient favorite"! This long standing procedure was featured on the show "The Doctors" as well as the "Today Show" and is widely used in Hollywood.

Microneedling - $250

Microneedling stimulates your bodies own natural healing process. It tricks your skin into staying young. As a result, collagen is stimulated and plumps the skin. It will also help increase your skin elasticity, tightness and smoothness. It will help reduce the look of pores. Fine lines and wrinkles become less visible and acne/scars can be greatly diminished. It can also be used to treat stretch marks and other skin issues.